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Press Releases

Press Release: September 13th 2007 - Our own statement about positive outcome in our highcrossquarter.com case.

Press Release: September 7th 2007 - Our website design agency and IT Consultants Webwordwizards.com have released this statement regarding our positive outcome in our highcrossquarter.com case.

We will be releasing our own statement shortly.

Previous Statements

Important Update: 19th July - Hammerson Plc to no longer name centre after Witchcraft Sabbats.

17th July - Hammerson Plc & Shires (GP) Ltd developers of "Highcross Quarter" shopping centre in Leicester lays claim to our domain names.

View Statement Online.

Download Full Statement (PDF 575KB)

Litha (Midsummer) Cross Quarter Sabbat

Litha Cross Quarter was celebrated by us recently.

Sun Sabbats and Moon Sabbats

Sun sabbats refer to the cross quarter days, which are based on the astronomical position of the sun.

circle of the year.. showing Highcross quarters, cross quarters and corresponding elements of earth, air, fire and water

"Moon sabbats" can be observed on Full Moons, typically the one closest to the traditional cross quarter date or the 2nd full moon after the preceding cross quarter day.

This would place the Moon sabbat anywhere from 29-59 days after the preceding solstice or equinox.

Moon sabbats can also be observed on the nearest Lunar phase to the Cross quarter

Imbolc: New, Crescent
1st Quarter

Beltane: 1st Quarter
gibbous, Full Moon

Lammas: Full, Disseminating
3rd Quarter

Samhain: 3rd Quarter
Balsamic, New





Highcross Quarter - What's new

What's new on this website

Bookmark this page to check back often and see how the Highcross quarter website here is progressing.

30th January 2010 - Feedback Form Repaired

Our feedback form had become corrupted and was repaired. Thanks to @leicestertalk on twitter for messaging us about that. Here is a link to Leicester Talk as a thankyou.

24th January 2010 - Updated Article on Imbolc

From the heart of the Leicestershire countryside in the midst of one of the severest winters in recent times, Wise woman Morrigan Wisecraft helps us put Imbolc into timely perspective and what it means in the "Tesco Age".

8th October 2009 - Now on Twitter

We are now on Twitter. You may follow HighcrossQuarter.com and us on Twitter @HIGH_CROSS

19th November 2009 - Upgraded Highcross Quarter Slide Show

New slide show display at our Highcross Quarter Slide Show

19th June 2008 - Updated Solstice and equinox dates

Have updated the Updated Solstice and equinox dates and times of some of the graphics in this site and improved the precise time for the summer and winter solstice.

8th October 2007 - Event Listings Updated

Added somes new events to the events page.

11th October 2007 - Slide show images re-ordered

Changed the order of the slide show sabbat images after 3 people emailed us to explain we had the yule slide showing after the Imbolc slide.

To those eagle eyed people we say thanks.

If anyone else spots any errors of faults please let us know and we will be happy to change them ourselves or ask our web designers to make corrections.

8th October 2007 - Updated Navigation System.

Some corrections and improvements were made the the navigation system

7th October 2007 - Highcross Leicester seizes our highcrossquarter.co.uk domain name.

Unfortunately we have been unable to stand against the highcross leicester corporate steamroller in defending our fair and square ownership of the highcrossquarter.co.uk domain name as we did with the highcrossquarter.com one.

The decision we have been informed was based on slightly different rules which allows the judge to decide the case on the "balance of probability" whereas the UN decision on the case we won on the higher level .com domain name is based purely upon the facts of the case.

We have some time to decide if we can appeal the nominet decision but as we are pensioners the £3000 + cost of doing this is far out of our means and we will just have to accept that sometimes as much as there is plenty of fight in us over this matter on sheer principle, we can't stand up against the Highcross Leicester, Hammerson plc, Hermes and Nabarro their brigade of barristers.

We are simply a group of wiccan pensioners on very limited means who wanted our own website. Apparently it is not enough that we got to the names first fair and square.

The .co.uk whilst a lower level domain name than the all important and over-arching .com would still have been nice for us to use. However our guess is that Highcross Leicester will never publicise it and use it openly so it really amounts to no more than a consolation prize for them.

Again we would like to thank Mel Gordon of Webwordwizards.com for all he has done and all the hard work far in developing this website and representing us at UN WIPO and NOMINET.

It is our intention to say more about this at a later date.

Aeshia Wisecraft
Morrigan Wisecraft.

22nd September 2007 - Slide show Speed altered

Some people have requested and suggested an adjustment in the speed that is default for the Main Highcross quarter and cross quarter sabbat slide show.

This alteration has now been made.


12th September 2007 - Updates to Images

A number of images across the site have been replaced or removed.

6th September 2007 - Highcross Leicester claim on our domain name denied by UN WIPO

Great news. Our IT Consultants and Web designers Webwordwizards.com have today received news from Geneva, Switzerland, on our fight to prevent Leicester's Highcross Leicester seizing the domain name highcrossquarter.com to the effect that the case brought by Hammerson Plc developers and part owners of Leicester's Highcross Leicester (as Leicester's Highcross Quarter is now known) has been totally rejected by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation.

As pensioners we found this whole episode very daunting indeed and would never have got through it without the support of Mel Gordon of Webwordwizards.com who has extended to us every service far and beyond whatever we are able to remunerate them for.

We remind you all that our battle is not entirely over yet as we are still awaiting a decision on the highcrossquarter.co.uk case being heard by Nominet here in the UK. Whilst this domain name is not as important as the higher level .com domain name we successfully defended it would still be nice for us to be able to keep it as people will type the .co.uk address in when looking for us and we would like you all to find us on both .com and .co.uk.

We would like to thank you all, especially the people of leicestershire and the East Midlands who have emailed us with your support. Please understand that it will never be possible for us to reply to you all individually.

Aeshia Wisecraft

27th - 28th August - Events Section Updates

New events now listed in the our events section. Please bear in mind some lecture events may be ticketed for which you should contact the organisers.

The Pagan Picnic in the Park is one we highly recommend as it is one we always try to get to. Some of the lectures now being listed for early autumn look particularly engaging this year also.

12th - 21st August - Updates

first of many fully featured slideshows for this website.With Morrigan still on her annual holiday we have been working on the slide show system we use on many of our sites in order to make it smoother and more responsive as it is to play a significant role here on both highcrossquarter.co.uk as well as highcrossquarter.com

It is with great pride we unveil our first major slideshow on this website.

This site is to make intensive use of slideshow which in the later ones will feature audio narration also.

Some of the many Slide Shows we intend to produce are listed in addition to those already listed here as being produced by Aeshia who is to make the content available to us in September at the latest for her discussion of Shiptons Prophecies. WWW (Web Designers)

30th July - Updates

Content on our highcrossquarter.com site has now almost fully brought into sync with this site. There is the intention in future of reflecting a more american perspective especially in relation to the upcoming sections of the rite and ritual of the cross quarter and Highcross quarter sabbats.

29th July - Updates

Again, Improved the slide show system for each section. As you may have noticed, this site will be graphic intensive so the slide show system seems the best way to show many items in a small area without cluttering the pages. We would appreciate feedback on this system as to its usability.

17th July - Updates

Lammas means its our annual holiday time so we are trying to get as much done and dusted here as possible. After end of July website will be more or less dormant for 4 weeks till end of August while we take our annual hols. Aeshia will be holding the fort and working with our website designers to complete her 3 new slide shows.

1) Shiptons Prophecy

2) The Burnings

3) Healing's

16th July. Updates

1) Slide show on right hand side of page updated with additional content again

2) Applied copy from Gnome Lord to History of Highcross Quarter sabbats page. Aeshia says "If this is the expurgated version I would have hated to have read the "pre-morrigan" draft"

3) Press release now conveniently downloadable in PDF format right from home page at Aeshia's request.

4) New graphics in production for major new slide shows.

11th July. Updates to Slide Show

1) Slide show on right hand side of page updated with additional content.

2) Decreased jpg compression on photography and graphics by 10% to improve image quality

7th July. Updates

Applied alterations to copy throughout the site from Aeshia and Morrigan. GL is reworking a piece on the history of the sabbats. (Morrigan felt his first draft was too harsh on hollywood and JK Rowling.

3rd July. Updates to Events Page

Reminder from Christina at Treadwells... book early for the "Interview with a Witch: Peter Nash, Alexandrian" Interview.

24th June. Updates

New event listed

Press Release Updated

21st June. Update of Press Release

1) Aeshia has updated the press releases for us - see here.
2) All Contribute keys have now been emailed out so members can edit this site. Please check your HCQ inboxes for your key and if not got one please email myself of Aeshia so we can get one sent out to you. (Members only please). If non members have articles to contribute for our site please email them to me at morrigan@highcrossquarter.com

June 20th - Reminder for Litha

Blessed Be...
Reminder for final preparations for Litha. Cleanse the circle space well... and set aside the elements. (Please remember the litha quarter cross call needs to be from the south.)

Sunset on today is 2126 hrs (9.26pm)
Sunrise will occur at 0458 hrs (4.58am) tomorrow.

19th June 2007; Content brought forward

In order to support our web address case we are advised to bring forward more of the content going into our web pages. Therefore we have begun uploading the content we have prepared so far for the sabbat description pages (see for example) for both the Highcross quarters sabbats as well as the cross quarters sabbats. We have reviewed the original plan of using this .com site for more occult sabbat rite and ritual content and are now bringing this site up to date with our .co.uk wicca, witchcraft sabbat content.

I trust you will like our images that were prepared for us that some of you have already seen on our 2007 calendar. As some of you may know Aeshia worked closely with our web designers last october to whip those into shape... (our images not the web designers) I just know you will all like them.

June 18th - Press Release

Press Release available

June 10th - Slide Show System for each section introduced

Slide Show System for each section created and applied to each page. This site will be graphic intensive so the slide show system seems the best way to show many items in a small area without cluttering the pages. We would appreciate feedback on this system as to its usability.

April 8th 2007

  • Set up email accounts and server. You may now email us on info3@highcrossquarter.co.uk
  • Created page and applied content to inform visitors about the plans for this website along with some background information on the domain names available for our exclusive use.
  • Applied copy on our plans for our gateway page to the Our Website page.

April 6th 2007

  • Colour scheme now determined and fixed.
  • Creation of this what's new page to act as an express way for visitors to identify new or modified content or design.