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Highcross Quarter

This website is maintained for us by a leicester based Website Design agency.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve our website or have proposals for content then please feel free to contact us.

Sending out the call

It is our intention to have this website "promoted" intensively so as to call those inclined to be called.

To do this we will

  • Cross link with the website's of similar groups and organisations
  • Use "search engine placement" and optimisation.
  • We intend to create a range of carefully thought out printed promotional material for discrete distribution and selective.
  • Creating myriads of sub website's on related subjects that will then act as stepping stones and a bridging agents to our main site here.
  • Attending carefully selected events around the midlands to discretely network.
  • Using our links into the "Goth" youth culture to develop paths there.






Highcross Quarter - Development Plans

Highcross Quarter - Web plans.

We have had in mind now for many years to have a website that would act as an information centre of and for our leicester based alternative faith groups that would help to eradicate the prejudice and stigma attached to faiths like wicca, and other earth based ways of worship and life. Our group is undergoing growth and change so the need of a website took on new impetus ands importance.

It was in early in 2006 we had already discretely sought specialist consultancy to help us formulate plans and ideas for an online presence. We decided to go for an informal magazine \ blog style approach which would enable us to engage more with new and fellow devotees and carry features on such things as rites, rituals and observances pertaining to the Highcross quarter and cross quarter sabbats as well as to provide timely calendar information and much much more.

These plans took form early in 2006 and then in late spring 2006 when we began to instruct our web designers to begin acquiring domain names for our use.

Essentially we intend to create a premier location on the web that would be professionally designed and would act as the ultimate source on wicca and then later on also other alternative faith that use the pagan calendar for rite, ritual and festivals.

Highcrossquarter domains acquired...

The choicest of possible domain names for our website were available for our acquisition.

Fortunately, we were blessed by the most fortuitous acquisition of which we are reliably informed are the best and most logical domain names we could have used. Surprisingly, no other group with an interest in the Highcross quarter sabbats had secured the domains so they were all immediately available...

  • highcrossquarter.com
  • highcrossquarter.co.uk
  • highcrossquarters.com
  • highcrossquarters.co.uk
  • highcrossquarter.mobi

Our move to acquire the first domains indeed proved timely as it transpired that a retail property developer called Hammerson Plc then decided to name their Leicester shopping centre development ( currently called the Shires shopping centre) Highcross Quarter. (Our belief is they did not know the Witchcraft and wicca significance of the name until our web developer explained it to them in September 2006).

Through our Web Consultants, we were approached by Hammerson Plc and others with various offers but they were all considered and immediately declined due to the value and importance of the names to us.

Mobile Information... the future.

Planning for the future and mobile information by acquiring Highcrossquarter.mobi .

Our internet consultants have always given us sound advice. And so when they explained that they felt we were on the threshold of a mobile information age we then commissioned them to also build a version of our website for PDA's and other handheld mobile information devices such as 3G phones.

This resource will be available on highcrossquarter.mobi which we were able to secure for our future use last autumn from Sept 2008.

Although we worship using rites and rituals that by their very nature originate from ancient to medieval times, it does not mean we should not leverage modern technology. It is with great pride that we can say, we intend to be at the cutting edge of information technology in presenting principally wicca but then other faiths that are non mainstream as valid paths of belief.

New gateway page...

A gateway web page

We have commissioned our web designers to create a page for us that will present 30 seconds of animation with sound to act as a gateway to our website. This, we are told will use "adobe flash" which many visitors to our site will have installed already.

The purpose of the page will be to set the scene.