Highcross Quarter from Leicester Leicestershire

About the Secrecy Surrounding our Identities.

Unfortunately as with many groups involved with "Mystery" faiths and traditions such as Wicca, Witchcraft and paganism etc it is not possible for us to identify either ourselves or our group members in anyway.

This practice is common amongst adherents to our faiths and traditions due to our oaths of secrecy.

Please don't feel that because of this we have anything to hide as we do not.

We are happy to discuss most matters... you need only ask.

This secrecy on the part of many wiccan's, witches and wizards who as followers of the wiccan faith and those who have association with earth based faith and occult oriented traditions is out of necessity driven by fear of persecution by followers of mainstream religions and others within our own communities who through lack of understanding and prejudice may harass or incite hatred against us.

This fear is well founded... as intolerance towards “wiccan's”, “witches” and “wizards” is a matter of public record. As is the secrecy with which “wiccan's”, “witches” and “wizards” have to lead the religious side of their lives.

Again, please don't feel at all offended by the fact we stay behind a veil as far as our identity is concerned.

Morrigan Wisecraft

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Highcross Quarter - Press Release Index

Press Releases ref Hammerson Plc and Shires (GP) Ltd claim on our domain names.

Press & Media Statement 3 - September 13th 2007 - Our statement in reaction to the news of our win for our highcrossquarter.com domain name.

Press & Media Statement 2 - July 19th 2007 - Our statement in reaction to Hammerson Plc announcement of change of name from "Highcross Quarter" to "Highcross Leicester".

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Press & Media Statement 1 - June 21st 2007 - Hammerson Plc commences domain name dispute action against us at Nominet in the United Kingdom and World Intellectual Property Organisation (United Nations) in Geneva Switzerland.

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2) Download Full Statement (PDF 0.57MB)