Highcross Quarter from Leicester Leicestershire

Sun Sabbats and Moon Sabbats

Sun sabbats refer to the cross quarter days, which are based on the astronomical position of the sun.

circle of the year.. showing Highcross quarters, cross quarters and corresponding elements of earth, air, fire and water

"Moon sabbats" can be observed on Full Moons, typically the one closest to the traditional cross quarter date or the 2nd full moon after the preceding cross quarter day.

This would place the Moon sabbat anywhere from 29-59 days after the preceding solstice or equinox.

Moon sabbats can also be observed on the nearest Lunar phase to the Cross quarter

Imbolc: New, Crescent
1st Quarter

Beltane: 1st Quarter
gibbous, Full Moon

Lammas: Full, Disseminating
3rd Quarter

Samhain: 3rd Quarter
Balsamic, New

Highcross Leicester - Highcross Quarter naming controversy and legal battle statementNotice: The content on this page has been updated by a statement by Webwordwizards.com our website designers and IT Consultants on August 22nd 2008. Click here to view full statement...

Highcross Leicester - Highcross Quarter - Domain Name Dispute Case Press Release - July 19th 2007

Also see original statement issued on the 21st June 2007. Please find this by clicking here

Who are we?

We are a small East Midlands of England based group of mainly Wiccan's, Witches and Wizards who use as part of our faith, worship, and way of life the age old Calendar of "Highcross" and "Cross Quarter" sabbats passed down to us in part from pagan times.

Our Website Project

Some years ago, we decided to have a website set up for us that would detail, discuss and define the Highcross Quarter sabbats in particular of but also the Cross Quarter sabbats from a perspective of time both historical and contemporary as well as ritual and wiccan narrative. We wanted to use our web site to inform and enlighten fellow believers and others as well as break through the ignorance and misunderstanding, prejudice and stigma often attached to Wicca, witchcraft and earth oriented belief systems by followers of "mainstream" faiths. In the winter of 2005 - 2006 and spring of 2006 we put that vision into being by appointing our web site designers and internet consultants to act for us in these matters.

In the spring and early summer of 2006 we decided upon the domain names and accordingly we instructed our web designers webwordwizards.com to acquire them and commence work. The domain names we acquired though Mel Gordon of Webwordwizards for our project are:
• Highcrossquarter.com
• Highcrossquarter.co.uk
• Highcrossquarters.co.uk
• Highcrossquarters.com
• Highcrossquarter.mobi

All of which we own for the purpose of presenting online information to do with the high cross quarter and cross quarter sabbats, Wicca and Witchcraft.

Hammerson Plc made unwelcome offers for our domain names.

In August 2006 the owners and developers of Leicester's Highcross Leicester, Hammerson Plc commenced approaches to Webwordwizards.com making enquiries for our domain names explaining that they wanted them as they had chosen that name for their new Retail, Residential and Entertainment Quarter here in Leicester the "Highcross Quarter" and had spent considerable time and investment acquiring the trade mark.

September 2006 then saw unwelcome and unsolicited offers being tabled from Hammerson Plc and others for these domains many thousands of times over their cost value. All of which we dismissed and immediately declined without the slightest consideration. Especially as from Hammerson Plc there were conditions attached that would have prevented us from mentioning Highcross quarter in relation to wiccan and witchcraft sabbats and similar activities online or anywhere else.

It appeared to us that there was naturally some considerable embarrassment at Hammerson Plc and Shires GP Ltd that the Wicca association had not been uncovered during due diligence process in Trade Mark stage let alone through the market testing and evaluation.

Advice to Hammerson ignored.

In September 2006 Mel Gordon of Webwordwizards.com our IT Consultants gave Mark Prescod the Marketing Director at Hammerson Plc, repeated clear written and verbal advice that they not use “Highcross Quarter” as the name of their shopping \ Entertainment \ Residential venue development here in the city of Leicester in England.

Our consultant Mel Gordon pointed out to Hammerson Plc as early as August 2006, this name had a significant and well established association with Wicca, Witchcraft and Neo-paganism. However from all the marketing, sign writing work around the new centre as well as press releases and articles from September 2006 to July 18th 2007 we saw that this advice was ignored and waved aside.

Hammerson Plc wanted our domain names for the Highcross Leicester... a David and Goliath battle ensues.

A month ago we received news from our IT consultants and Website Designers that Hammerson Plc were initiating an Domain dispute action with Nominet who administers the www.highcrossquarter.co.uk domain name and WIPO – World intellectual Property Organisation (part of the United Nations) who provide domain name dispute services for ICANN who administer our www.highcrossquarter.com domain.

They want to have our domain names forcefully transferred over to them on the grounds that our registration trespassed on their trade mark and that our registration of these domain was abusive.

This was detailed in full along with Hammerson Plc attempt to buy our domains at a previous press release issued by us on our website 21st June 2007. (see http://highcrossquarter.com/resources_press_releases.html )

This process is still as of 19th July 2007 ongoing and we are about to provide our written submission.

Hammerson Plc now has change of mind.

Today, 19th July 2007 we received indications that Hammerson Plc had finally accepted the advice of Webwordwizards.com to use another name altogether. (Something Mark Prescod of Hammerson had told Mel Gordon in September 2006 “was not an option”.)

The communication we have received is to the effect that Hammerson Plc have now changed their mind about calling the development “Highcross Quarter” and are calling it “Highcross Leicester”.

Time to draw a line.

It is our hope that Hammerson Plc will now be sending us written confirmation of their intention to withdraw from the domain name dispute action that they have embarked upon against us and will magnanimously concede our unchallengeable right to use the domain names for the purpose stated.

It is our expectation that as a “big” company... Hammerson Plc will now be big in the way it concedes to us a small local alternative faith group, and that we can draw a line under this whole matter.

It has been for us very inconveniencing, distracting and costly situation taking up time and money we could not afford.

We look forward to receiving from Hammerson that written confirmation of cessation of action, as well as the same from WIPO and Nominet that Hammerson Plc has graciously withdrawn.

In which case, we would like to take this opportunity to wish Hammerson Plc and Shires (GP) Ltd the very best for their new Highcross Leicester retail development.

It was our only wish all along, to be left in peace to develop our website and maintain the aspirations for faith and of our simple way of life.

It is our hope that we can now soon do precisely that.

We will continue to prepare our submissions to Nominet and WIPO to defend our domain names until we obtain those written assurances.

Morrigan Wisecraft
Highcross Quarter Website Owner

Tel: 01509 276 285


Mel Gordon
IT Consultants & Web Designers

Tel: 0116 2166 124