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Sun Sabbats and Moon Sabbats

Sun sabbats refer to the cross quarter days, which are based on the astronomical position of the sun.

circle of the year.. showing Highcross quarters, cross quarters and corresponding elements of earth, air, fire and water

"Moon sabbats" can be observed on Full Moons, typically the one closest to the traditional cross quarter date or the 2nd full moon after the preceding cross quarter day.

This would place the Moon sabbat anywhere from 29-59 days after the preceding solstice or equinox.

Moon sabbats can also be observed on the nearest Lunar phase to the Cross quarter

Imbolc: New, Crescent
1st Quarter

Beltane: 1st Quarter
gibbous, Full Moon

Lammas: Full, Disseminating
3rd Quarter

Samhain: 3rd Quarter
Balsamic, New


Highcross Quarter - Sabbat of Beltaine

Beltaine ( Highcross Quarter )

beltaine taurus

Beltaine - Categorised as a Highcross Quarter Sabbat
15 degrees of Taurus - May 1st
Wiccan Mythology: Marriage and Sexual union of the Goddess and God

Beltaine is really regarded as the most important Sabbat after Samhain. The commencement of Summer. It is a sabbat of fertility, but mostly it is a sabbat of joy and quickening. Named from the Celtic god of flame Bel, the ignitor of fires is a regular element of Beltaine sabbats. It's association of flame also makes Beltaine a sabbat of purification and cleansing.

Please do not forget that our modern interpretations of these sabbats are based on age old sabbats celebrated at a time when the year was marked by seasonal alterations, not a calendar on the wall or computer as it is today.

In the continent, where they bowed and knelt before the great Eostre, the earth has generally sprung to quickening by the vernal equinox.

However, in the Celtic British Ilses, the ground may still be very cold in March, and thus Beltaine becomes the foremost sabbat of life, when Goddess and God have matured and lay together in sexxual union.

Symbolism: On Beltaine, the great God of light and flame has grown to the age of rulership and takes over from the God of darkness. The Goddess now heavy with child becomes a mother.

Matrimony high time... Wiccan weddings are often held on or around the sabbat of Beltaine.