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Elvaston fighting for Survival

That our beloved Elvaston has fallen into decay and almost ruin in parts is no secret. Alarmingly to us and other mainstream users Derbyshire County Council is seeking to lease the estate to a development group on a long term lease.

Aside from the damage this may likely do to the nature and character of the park it will mean the days of use by Wiccans, Pagans, and others are of short number.

Derbyshire County Council feel that the ratepayers of the shire should no longer support the estate nor should they fund its reinstatement and upkeep.

Over the past years we have supported the Friends of Elvaston in their endeavour to find a way to prevent this estate from falling into further disrepair and ultimately falling into private ownership.

Please help us keep Elvaston free

Highcross Quarters at Elvaston

Our Links with Elvaston

Support us to keep elvaston country park free.For many years now we have used Elvaston Country Park for a number of our sabbats.

It is true to say that in 39 years we have only ever missed a Samhain Highcross quarter there just once. In the 1970’s we used to travel there even for the cross quarter sabbats. Also our own native Leicestershire has had few places we have been able to discretely use.

We have always felt that the estate and its ancient Yew trees possessed a certain neutrality of spirit that made the rite and ritual flow unhindered and unopposed. Those of us more adept in the ways of craft say the magic can be felt and sensed flowing through the woods and water of the lake as if born of rite it then abides and serves to draw us back sabbat after sabbat.

Recently as a number of us in our group have succumbed to advanced years, we have not been able to get back there for the cross quarters. And now finally the only sabbat most of us get there for is of course the Highcross quarter sabbat of Samhain.

For a long time now many of us who discretely use the Yew Trees and woods of Elvaston for rite and ritual have looked on at matters at there with increasing concern.

Please Support The Freinds of Elvaston.

The friends of Elvaston are appealing for whatever support we may all provide. Please see their webpage at http://www.friendsofelvaston.co.uk

In Love and Light
Death and Darkness.

Morrrigan Wisecraft
Aeshia Wisecraft
Victor Wisecraft