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Press Release: September 13th 2007 - Our own statement about positive outcome in our highcrossquarter.com case.

Press Release: September 7th 2007 - Our website design agency and IT Consultants Webwordwizards.com have released this statement regarding our positive outcome in our highcrossquarter.com case.

We will be releasing our own statement shortly.

Previous Statements

Important Update: 19th July - Hammerson Plc to no longer name centre after Witchcraft Sabbats.

17th July - Hammerson Plc & Shires (GP) Ltd developers of "Highcross Quarter" shopping centre in Leicester lays claim to our domain names.

View Statement Online.

Download Full Statement (PDF 575KB)

Sun Sabbats and Moon Sabbats

Sun sabbats refer to the cross quarter days, which are based on the astronomical position of the sun.

circle of the year.. showing Highcross quarters, cross quarters and corresponding elements of earth, air, fire and water

"Moon sabbats" can be observed on Full Moons, typically the one closest to the traditional cross quarter date or the 2nd full moon after the preceding cross quarter day.

This would place the Moon sabbat anywhere from 29-59 days after the preceding solstice or equinox.

Moon sabbats can also be observed on the nearest Lunar phase to the Cross quarter

Imbolc: New, Crescent
1st Quarter

Beltane: 1st Quarter
gibbous, Full Moon

Lammas: Full, Disseminating
3rd Quarter

Samhain: 3rd Quarter
Balsamic, New

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