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Also see our Highcross Quarter name battle website.

We have begun to work with our Leicester Web designers and IT Consultants Webwordwizards, to produce a website that details our name dispute with Hammerson the developers of the Highcross Leicester. See Highcross

Highcross Leicester domain name dispute website

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Cross Quarter Sabbat of Litha at highcross quarter .com

Disclaimer: Did you want the Highcross Quarter Leicester shopping centre cinema de lux and restaurant website?

Read more about Highcross leicester and Highcross quarter name dispute here

As you had immediately guessed... this website is clearly not connected in any way with the Leicester City Centre "Highcross Quarter Leicester" highcross shopping centre, entertainment, and leisure venue development. (Other than of course through the domain name dispute case for this domain name which we won).

You will not find any information here about Cinema de Lux, cruise or lacoste. Neither will you be able to check out the latest Apple Mac's.

Next sabbat... yes. And even previous sabbat but Next Fashions quite definitley not. Dining at Carluccio's can neither be looked into here. Want a job at the highcross? or a career in John Lewis. Then again you are in quite the wrong place.

Highcross Wagamama... No. Highcross Wise Mama... yes. Handmade Burgher... No. Handmade ointments lotions and potions defintiley, yes but not by Body Shop, John Lewis.

If you want to visit the website for leicester's new Highcross Quarter you will find it on the highcross Leicester website. See here www.highcrossquarter.co.uk as this website is highcrossquarter.com which is about wicca and wiccan sabbats. Confusing we know but we are sure you will get used to it. Not. Read more about Highcross Leicester ( our own website ) and highcross quarter name dispute here ...

Press Releases

Press Release: September 13th 2007 - Our own statement about positive outcome in our highcrossquarter.com dispute involving the Highcross Leicester.

Press Release: September 7th 2007 - Our website design agency and IT Consultants Webwordwizards.com have released this statement regarding our positive outcome in our highcrossquarter.com case.

Previous Statements

Important Update: 19th July - U Turn over Highcross Quarter Shopping Centre Name - Hammerson Plc to no longer name centre after Witchcraft Sabbats. Hammerson regroups the project under the new name of Highcross Leicester.

17th July - Hammerson Plc & Shires (GP) Ltd developers of "Highcross Quarter" shopping centre in Leicester lays claim to our domain names.

View Statement Online.

Download Full Statement (PDF 575KB)

Highcross Quarter - Welcome

Welcome to the Highcross Quarter web site - Home of Highcross Quarter Sabbat information for Wiccan's, Witches and others.

Highcross Quarter LeicesterWelcome to the home of Highcross Quarter and Cross Quarter sabbat information. Run from Loughborough and Leicester in England by Wiccan's, Wizards and Witches engaged in rite and ritual of the Highcross quarter sabbats for others who are interested in the Highcross quarter sabbats and Wicca.

Our group of practicing Wiccan's, Wizards and Witches along with some neo-pagans are based in Leicester and Loughborough, Leicestershire in the East Midlands of England with associated groups in Nottingham, Birmingham and next also in Lincoln.

Wicca and Witchcraft out of necessity have always needed to be discrete in their ways and methods. It is our hope that this website will enable us to keep in touch with our fellow wiccan's and witches as well as further the knowledge of wicca and witchcraft and the Highcross and Cross Quarter Sabbats in a way that will maintain our anonymity to those outside of our circle who would wish us harm due to prejudice and ignorance..

Keep Elvaston Free

Help keep Elvaston country park free

Help us to save Elvaston Country Park

For many years now we have used Elvaston Country Park for a number of our sabbats.

It is true to say that in 39 years we have only ever missed a Samhain high cross quarter there just once. In the 1970’s we used to travel there even for the cross quarter sabbats. Also our own native Leicestershire has had few places we have been able to discretely use. Read more

We are also looking to hear from others who have used or who do use the Elvaston Park for wiccan \ witchcraft purposes. Please drop us a line.

Dedicated to Morrigan

Morrigan... goddess of strife and battle by Jennifer Miller

This website is dedicated to Morrigan.

Rather apt perhaps that we originally chose Morrigan as our website patron back in spring 2006 that we chose the goddess or strife and battle.

Image used with kind permission of Jennifer Miller